Siësdag (zondag van 16:00 tot 18:00)

Deel 1

Decline and fall  Ron Goodwin

Laisse un peu dormir les enfants    Guy Mardel

On a slow boat to China    Bette Midler + Barry Manilow

Manhattan     Rod Stewart and Betty Midler

And that reminds me    Timi Yuro

Zwei Gitarren am Meer     Franco de Lago

Cherchez la femme   Nat King Cole

So much in love    The Tymes

Cuando sientas mis caricias      Silvio d'Anza

Walzer für uns zwei    Gerhard Wendland

Mack the knife     The Puppini Sisters

Inspiration      Doris Day

Games that lovers play   Frankie Vaughan 

In Oostende gaan de lichten aan   Connie Neefs

Mañana     The De Castro Sisters

C'est si bon    Herb Alpert

Speak softly love      Joey DeFrancesco

Deel 2 

Fiddle faddle    St Louis Symphony orchestra

Bell of the ball     St. Louis Symphony  orchestra

Blue tango    Manuel and the Music of the Mountains

Forgotten dreams    Vince Hill

Serenata       Nat King Cole

In the moonlight    Philharmonia Orchestra

In a Persian market   André Rieu

Take my heart   Della Reese

The syncopated clock      St. Louis Symphony orchestra

Sleigh ride    Johnny Mathis

In a monastery garden    The London Promenade orchestra

The typewriter    Leroy Anderson